About Us

Every business has a beginning, and ours started many years ago. Sunwest CEO and owner, Mike Tareski has always had a head for all things automotive. Growing up as the eldest boy of 7 children, he couldn't keep his hands away from cars. His father ran a repair shop and junk yard from his childhood home in Cheney, Washington. This gave Mike free access to tinker on old cars. To everyone's amazement, when he was just 8 years old, Mike took a car from the junk yard and made it run again!

Mike graduated from Cheney High School and then made his way to North Dakota for automotive technical school. Moving back to Spokane in 1981, Mike started Sunwest Automotive Engine. It all started as a small repair shop he built next to his home, just west of Medical Lake. It was up and running for a number of years until the land it was located on was rezoned for agriculture and made it impossible to continue his business. Not knowing what to do with his business, he started working at an engine rebuilding shop, Edwards Engines, in Spokane, WA. He quickly worked his way up to management before he took a new job at Jones Automotive, also in Spokane Washington.

After a learning the business of engine rebuilding for himself, Mike decided to bring Sunwest Automotive Engine back. He started the business back up in 1989 in his old repair shop. Ever since then, Sunwest has been growing steadily to meet the demand of our customers. The business has expanded from a one-man shop to a multi-facility company, employing 16 people, but the small business feel will never leave the company. Mike is still very involved with the day-to-day operations and is an owner that truly cares for his customers and employees. His caring and commitment to customer satisfaction has been instilled into his employees and business.

Sunwest Automotive, Inc.