All of our Subaru engines are remanufactured at Sunwest Automotive Engine with state-of-the-art equipment under the strictest standards using only premium quality parts. Our fully remanufactured engines are built to meet and exceed exact OEM specifications. We sell long blocks, short blocks, and cylinder heads. We offer a variety of options including performance packages with forged internals for people that like to go fast.

All engines are remanufactured at Sunwest Automotive Engine in Medical Lake, WA. We ship nationwide for very reasonable prices. Engines are sold on an exchange basis. There is a core deposit required that is refundable, as long as your core that we receive back is rebuildable.

All our Subaru Short blocks include

  • New NPR Teflon Coated Hyper-eutectic Pistons
  • New King Rod and Main Bearings
  • New Pin Bushings
  • Crank is ground and polished
  • Rods are reconditioned on both ends
  • Long Blocks also include:
  • Complete gasket set (including 6-Star multi-layer head gasket)
  • Reconditioned valves and valve guides
  • New PCI timing kit installed
  • New Altrom OEM Water pump installed

All Long Blocks are pre-ran on our SIM test machine to give an accurate reading of oil pressure, cylinder compression and engine load

Machine Work Done:

  • Engine and heads are cleaned, all bolt holes checked and repaired if needed
  • Surfaces are checked and milled if needed
  • Blocks are bored with deck plates to mimic the cylinder distortion of an assembled motor
  • Blocks are bored and honed with a computer controlled diamond hone
  • Rods are reconditioned and new pin bushings are installed
  • Crankshaft is ground and polished
  • Deck Surface is CBN milled on a Rottler Machine