If we built your engine on exchange (sent you the new motor first and charged you a core deposit), you'll receive the new engine in either a cardboard box or wooden crate (depending on your location). Unpack the new engine and swap all the necessary parts over from your old one. Package the core up just like you recieved the new one. Once it is boxed and ready to go, give us a call or send us an email requesting a core return. We will email you the necessary paperwork to print out and schedule a pick up (freight returns only). Please print: one (1) copy of the shipping label and attach it to the box or engine and two (2) copies of the Bill of Lading; one is for the driver and the other is for you and your records as this will have the tracking number on it.

For UPS returns: Please print one (1) copy of the prepaid label and you can either call your local UPS store and request a pick up, or simply take it to the nearest distribution center and drop it off.

Custom Build means that we need to rebuild your core; which will require you to send us your engine first. This process is very similar to returning a core. Make sure ALL FLUIDS ARE DRAINED and everything that needs to be taken off is taken off, we have instructional videos that explain what to take off and how to prep your engine for shipping. If you can't get something off or forget something, we will do our best to make sure it is removed, cleaned and returned; however, Sunwest is not responsible for any loss or damage of extra parts. Valve covers and oil pans are the exception: if you would like us to clean these parts for you, you may leave them on the engine. We will make sure they are cleaned to our standards and return them to you with the engine. Sunwest DOES NOT REINSTALL things like valve covers, oil pans, intake or exhaust manifolds.

Our lead time depends on multiple variables, though on average, the build time is about 14 business days (roughly 2 and a half weeks) from when the core arrives at our facility. This time may decrease if we have the engine in stock OR it may increase due to parts availablity (especially specialty or performance parts), transit time delays caused by severe weather or other natural disasters or even equipment malfunction. It is because of this that we ask for your patience and often suggest that you allow for some extra time in your scheduling.

If the engine core is damaged on it's way here, we inspect each shipment for damage and usually catch most, if not all, significant damage and inform the driver of the damage, followed by filing a damage claim with the freight carrier. However, freight damage or loss usually occurs when the new motor is being sent to the customer. It is imperative that whoever is receiving the engine does a thorough inspection upon arrival. If the crate or box is undamaged and in tact, it may be signed for as undamaged. If the crate or box looks even slightly damaged or tampered with, note any and all damage and accept it. If the box or crate is missing and the engine looks like it may have suffered severe damage, you may refuse the shipment and have it returned to sender. Sunwest will handle the filing and processing of all freight claims. Sunwest will not be responsible for covering or replacing a damaged shipment that was accepted as undamaged.